Does Xcel Make the Grade?

Are you one of the 1.2 million Minnesotans who receive power from Xcel Energy?

If so, you might be interested in where that energy actually comes from.

Xcel Energy filed its Integrated Resource Plan with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in July 2020. This plan maps out how Xcel intends to deliver energy to Minnesota for the next 15 years. Minnesotans deserve reliable, affordable power from the cleanest possible sources. Xcel Energy must prioritize energy consumers and community development, not corporate profits and a continued commitment to fossil fuels.

Energy advocates across Minnesota have created this “report card” to help you understand how Xcel Energy’s resource plan will impact you directly and how it will impact all Minnesotans.

Right now, Xcel’s plan isn’t making the grade. With a ‘C’ average and Ds and Fs in many key categories, it’s clear Xcel’s plan isn’t meeting the needs of Minnesotans. 

Ask Xcel and the MN PUC to strengthen Xcel’s plan and create an energy future where everyone wins. Submit your comments on Xcel Energy’s resource plan here and spread the word on social media. 

Category2020 grade
Equitable access to energy savings and jobsD+The plan falls short because it needs inclusive financing tools to access clean energy, more and more accessible community solar, dedicated investment in under-resourced communities... read more.
Progress to 100% REB+The plan makes strong progress toward Xcel’s 100% carbon-free commitment, but still includes a large gas plant and more investment in nuclear power... read more.
Retires CoalAThe plan retires all the utility’s coal plants by 2030... read more.
Avoids GasFThe plan includes a brand new fossil gas power plant and actually slightly increases the use of gas to generate electricity by 2034... read more.
Supports Energy IndependenceDThe plan’s forecasts for community solar, rooftop solar, and other forms of community-owned or non-utility renewable energy are very low... read more.
Supports Communities and WorkersB-The plan for helping Xcel workers is very thorough. However, the transition plan for Becker could be better than building another polluting power plant. The company could do more to support diversification in its clean energy hiring... read more.
Plans for Transportation ElectrificationB+The plan has a high electrification scenario and is accompanied by separate filings to increase vehicle electrification. More could be done to prioritize electrification to help low-income residents, via transit or low-cost vehicles... read more.

Did you know this isn’t the first draft of the resource plan? See grades for Xcel’s 2019 resource plan and how they compare.